For Diploma student

The diploma project is an independent theoretical study of one of the most pressing, most difficult problems in the specialty, which has access to practice. Therefore, each graduation project should contain elements of novelty, search for their own ways of solving modern scientifically and practically significant issues. The conclusions of the author must be sufficiently convincing and reasoned.

Work on a thesis project includes the following main stages:

  • selection and consolidation of pre-graduate practice objects;
  • selection and consolidation of the topic of the diploma project;
  • development and approval of the assignment for the diploma project;
  • collection of material for design at the practice site;
  • writing and execution of an explanatory note and drawings included in the diploma project;
  • submission of the project to the department and preparation of a speech at the SAC;
  • preliminary defense of the graduation project at the department;
  • sending the project for review;
  • protection in the GEC.

The topic of thesis is drawn up by the department, transferred to the dean's office, reviewed and approved by the faculty council.