Chinese for beginners

Confucius Institute at GSU named after Skaryna is recruiting for Chinese language groups of all ages and learning levels:

Children's groups of Beginners (students age - 10-13 years old);
Adult groups of Beginners (from 14 years old);
Groups of Continuing students of all levels;
Classes on a paid basis are conducted by experienced teachers (including native Chinese speakers) who have the latest textbooks, regional studies and reference books, and the necessary equipment
frequency of classes - twice a week;
duration of one lesson - 2 academic hours (45 + 45 min.);
the time of the classes - in agreement with the students;
the beginning of classes - as the groups are formed.
the place of the classes is the study of Chinese studies and the language laboratory of GGU named after F. Skaryna (educational building No. 5, Sovetskaya st., 102);
The application can be left on the website and with the specialist of the Confucius Institute T.V. Silchenko. in aud. 3-25 (educational building No. 5) from 8.30 to 17.00 (lunch break from 12.30 to 13.30), as well as by phones 50-38-53 (Confucius Institute), mob. +375 29 185-47-56


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In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
Education at the Confucius Institute at GSU named after Skaryna has a unique set of features that distinguish it from other courses and centers of the Chinese language:

We only teach official Chinese
All of our curricula include the study of exclusively the official Chinese language "Putonghua" (the common Chinese language), which is one of the five working languages ​​of the United Nations.

This means that you will speak the Chinese language that is officially accepted throughout the PRC, and not a rare dialect of one of the remote Chinese provinces.

Teaching methodologies with guaranteed results
Our teaching methods were developed by oriental philologists, as well as specialists from Peking University, a leading university in the PRC. These techniques always give guaranteed results!

Classes are taught by qualified teachers
The curriculum is enhanced by lessons with native speakers. For this, specialists-philologists from China are involved, speaking the official Chinese language "Mandarin". Our teachers annually take advanced training courses at Dalian University. You will be taught by well-trained teachers and philologists from China.

Training from scratch to professional level
All four of our programs: "Chinese for children", "Chinese. Basic course" are a single educational complex and will help you learn Chinese from scratch to a professional level.
Here you can get training of any level of complexity within a single harmonious system!

Guaranteed passing of the international HSK exam
All graduates who have mastered our study programs successfully pass the HSK international exam for knowledge of the Chinese language (2-6 levels out of 6 possible).
Your knowledge will be confirmed by the international HSK certificate recognized all over the world!

Classes in the morning, afternoon and evening
The schedule of classes is compiled as much as possible taking into account the wishes of our students. You can choose a group with a convenient schedule for you.

Groups of any difficulty level
We have groups of all ages and any level of difficulty: children for beginners (from 10 to 13 years old), adults for beginners (from 14 years old), continuing, as well as those who speak Chinese. You can choose a group of your level of training. You will be able to choose a group of exactly your level of training, even if you were refused everywhere!

Correction of flaws in learning, restoration of the lost level of language
Our Institute is one of the few places where Chinese language learning failures are corrected by unqualified native speakers, poorly trained tutors, as well as one-day courses and hobby groups. Come to us and learn the official state Chinese language with certified pronunciation and grammar, which is spoken at the UN!

Recovering a lost language level
Here you can restore a half-forgotten language that you once learned somewhere. This can be done from any level of training after passing the test.
Take a second try and learn Chinese with the guarantee of the result you want!

Language internships at leading universities in China
You can take part in our summer language schools in China or take a long-term internship at the leading universities in the PRC. Discover China from the front door with us!

End of training certificates
At the end of the training, a Certificate of the Confucius Institute at the GGG named after Skaryna (in Russian). Get the highest quality training with a guaranteed result for a reasonable price!

Reasonable tuition fees
We have no mark-up for world famous brands. Tuition fees are set at the average market level. The cost of one semester of study is _____ rubles. Get the highest quality training with a guaranteed result for a reasonable price!

Free introductory lesson
At the beginning of the training, a free introductory lesson is held. Come and experience the world of Chinese language and culture!

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GSU them. F. Skaryna, building No. 5, room. 3-25

Tel. (0232) 50-38-53

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